Some SEO Tips And Tactics 2014

With the success of SEO is continuously growing art, it must-have implementations and best practice where SEO basics tutorial gives some advance tips as below.

(1) Need variety in content like unique quality content, Awesome graphical and quality video.

(2) Quality Links with Quantity backlinks.

(3) Need to use strong Digital Marketing strategy.

(4) Need to Google Plus Authorship.

(5) Responsive Website Designing.

(6) Need Search Engine Marketing(SEM) like PPC.

(7) Avoid all black hat seo techniques.

(8) Neet to Understand Google major Algorithm then go ahead.

(9) Use Relevent & Long tail Keywords.

(10) Don't Get more exact match anchor links.


Latest SEO Tips And Techniques 2013

Now SEO basics tutorial discuss about some latest SEO Tips And Techniques for 2013, Which help you to increase ranking of website and boost traffics of visitors on Google. Google is updating their algorithm every month for preventing web spam, Duplicate Content, Black hat tactics and others unethical manner and million of websites are lost their ranking due to these Google Algorithm updated. In case of SEO Basics Tutorial provides some latest ethical tips and techniques to get ranking as below.

(1) Use Unique & Fresh Content in your website.

(2) Use high quality content for your webpages with targeted keywords but make sure when your are writing a content don't use targeted keywords much more otherwise your website will be punish by Google Algo for Keyword Stuffing.

(3) Build Natural backlinks because of Google accept only natural & quality backlinks and Better is to avoid exact match anchor text with low quality back-links.

(4) Build backlinks must be relevant your website theme

(5) Build internal cross linking, Internal links is a best SEO technique and it will reduce bounce rate of your website. 

(6) SMO: Social media optimation is a best roll for SEO in 2013. you generate traffics of visitors and get ranking of website on search engine by SMO such as Facebook, Google +1, twitter.

(7) Create Mobile friendly website because of day by day increasing mobile users so many visitors will come from tablets or smart phones.


SEO Onpage Optimization Tips & Techniques

Here are the following tactics of SEO on-page optimization.

- Don't use hidden text or hidden links.

- Avoid doorway pages.

- Don't employ cloaking or lightning fast java redirects.

- Don't load up your pages with irrelevant words.

- Don't create multiple pages, sub-domains, or domains with substantially duplicate content.

- Make a unique title, description, and keywords for every page of website

- Generate an xml and html site map for website.

- Use targeted keyword in domain name.

- Make meaning full and use targeted keyword in title 60-70 characters maximum in length.

- Make description 160-180 characters maximum in length.

- Use header tag <h1>-<h6> in heading of every page.

- Use alt attribute in image tag for optimization images.

- Make sure content is king so use an unique, relevant and informative content.

- Don't use any duplicate articles and contents.

- Build high quality backlinks.

- Create internal cross linking.

- Use long tail keywords for optimization.

- Build anchor text of inbound link.



Google's Panda & Penguin Algorithm Updates

In SEO Basics Tutorial, The latest updation Panda & Penguin algorithm by google so millions of websites are lost their ranking from Google search engine.

Google Panda Updates:

The latest updated google panda 3.5 on April 19th 2012 and it is main target to maintain quality content of website. This update is developed to decrease ranking for low-quality sites. Low-value websites are added for users, duplicate content from other websites or sites are not useful. Simultaneously, it will provide better ranking for high-quality sites with unique content and great information such as analysis, in-depth reviews, careful analysis and so on.

Google Penguin Updates:

The latest google Penguin launched on April 24 and it is main target to prevent webspam and over optimization. Google mentions that typical black hat SEO tactics like (keyword stuffing, links spamming, Low-quality article marketing, Blog spam and more) would get a site in trouble. 

If you do think you have some kind of SEO penalty as a result of either the Google Panda or Google Penguin updates, please get in touch with your SEO company to help or start troubleshooting. 



Link Wheel in SEO

What is Link Wheel?

According to SEO Basics Tutorial, A link wheel generally is a process in which you develop a number of or so new blogs/web websites using web 2.0 qualities such as hubpages, wordpress, blogger etc. Link wheel is one of the most extremely effective and most innovative methods for accomplishing an increased rank. We know that the more hyperlinks point to your website, especially hyperlinks from quality and specialist websites, the greater your web or blogsite will rates.

How to Create a link Wheel?

Creating a link wheel is a very effective SEO technique that can be used by anyone to develop the ratings of their websites. Primarily, a link wheel harnesses the energy of extremely rated Web 2.0 websites to develop focused backlinks to your site back to your websites. This works because certain Web 2.0 qualities like Blogger, Webs, Weebly, Jimdo and others

 (1) Weblink Wheel can increase your serps.
 (2) Weblink Wheel raises your url building.
 (3) Weblink Wheel helps in reputation management/ Brand control.
 (4) Weblink Wheel appeals to lots of traffic to your website.
 (5) Weblink Wheel ensures you as an professional in your market.

Here is the excellent link wheel diagram:

In this link wheel situation, every Web 2.0 residence hyperlinks to your major website in the center, as well as to one other Web 2.0 website in the wheel to form a shut cycle. This way, backlinks to your site is handed down to both your major website and each web 2.0 property increasing the energy of each.


How to increase PR and SERP's?

What is Page Rank(PR)?

Page Rank is a link analysis algorithm, It was developed by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford.PageRank is one of the methods Google uses to determine a page relevance or importance. Nobody knows for sure how PageRank is currently calculated by Google. Google consider page rank of website by it own formula then give PR out of 10

What is Search Engine Result Page(SERP)?

Search Engine Result Page(SERP) is the listing of results over search engine  for a query using one or more keywords that user input. Results pages that you see are the SERPs.

How to optimizing Page rank and SERP?

Seo Basics Tutorial provides some techniques for optimizing Page rank and SERP. Using following techniques it will be very helpful to webmasters.

- Optimizing Key Phrases
- Optimizing Page URL
- Optimizing Page Title
- Optimizing Page Description
- Using Meta Tag
- Sitemap generate
- Unique and high quality content
- Using On page Techniques
- Building high quality back-links
- Search Engine Submission
- Social Media Optimization like Facebook, twitter, Digg etc.
- Using SEO webmaster Tools and more...


What is Google Plus with Features?

Google plus is a social network operated by Google Inc., which was launched June 28, 2011 with several additions to Google products, like Buzz and profiles.

This Service allows users can share photos, links and videos with friends, family and acquaintances. The main difference between Google and the provision of such social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, is the user's ability to target specific people share instead of the default "share with everyone" approach.

The 5 key features of Google+ are: (1) Circles (2) Using the '+' (3) Vertical integration (4) Sparks and (5) Hangouts

Now, with the introduction of the concept of circles, where you can ring-fence conversations and messages only to a certain circle of the affluent children get only the dock and eventually give up their Facebook accounts. Google Plus update the feed is very similar to the structure of the Twitters not only important that lets you send images, videos, and full of long-term bonds. Allows you to change that send updates, according to which, or to leave out of your "circles".

For all those massive "Skype" fans like me so you might be surprised to know that Google + also offers video chat group in what they call a "hangout" is an incredible facility, this which I believe will revolutionize business conferences situations. I know from experience that "Skype" has led business and his colleagues more than make communication easier. I think the "Hangout" feature is it a step further. As I said, Facebook provides additional features in an attempt to stop + Google as "Skype" video chat feature is powered video released just a week after Google + was released. Unfortunately it is only a connection one by one, while Google, the more you can have up to 10 people video chat at a time.