What is Google Plus with Features?

Google plus is a social network operated by Google Inc., which was launched June 28, 2011 with several additions to Google products, like Buzz and profiles.

This Service allows users can share photos, links and videos with friends, family and acquaintances. The main difference between Google and the provision of such social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, is the user's ability to target specific people share instead of the default "share with everyone" approach.

The 5 key features of Google+ are: (1) Circles (2) Using the '+' (3) Vertical integration (4) Sparks and (5) Hangouts

Now, with the introduction of the concept of circles, where you can ring-fence conversations and messages only to a certain circle of the affluent children get only the dock and eventually give up their Facebook accounts. Google Plus update the feed is very similar to the structure of the Twitters not only important that lets you send images, videos, and full of long-term bonds. Allows you to change that send updates, according to which, or to leave out of your "circles".

For all those massive "Skype" fans like me so you might be surprised to know that Google + also offers video chat group in what they call a "hangout" is an incredible facility, this which I believe will revolutionize business conferences situations. I know from experience that "Skype" has led business and his colleagues more than make communication easier. I think the "Hangout" feature is it a step further. As I said, Facebook provides additional features in an attempt to stop + Google as "Skype" video chat feature is powered video released just a week after Google + was released. Unfortunately it is only a connection one by one, while Google, the more you can have up to 10 people video chat at a time.