Keyword Research & Analysis in SEO Basics

Keyword Research is the process of defining the right mix of keywords, which are most likely to be used by potential customers at search engines and directories.

Advantages of Keyword Research

• Drive traffic to your site by using the words people use when they’re searching
• Write great website copy by incorporating terms that people immediately identify with
• Plan profitable pay-per-click campaigns by building up a broad range of keyword phrases that will capture your market
• Develop great content ideas that directly address your customers’ needs
• Understand your customers’ behavior and concerns by analyzing the words that they use
• Measure the size of a potential online market by the number of searches conducted, and
• Develop new revenue streams by using popular keywords to inspire new product and service ideas
Making KEI for choose targeted keywords in SEO Basics Tutorial.
KEI stand for Keyword Effectiveness Index, which measures how effective a keyword is for your web site. It compares the number of search for a keyword (popularity) with the number of search results (competitiveness) to identify which keywords are the most effective for your campaign. The higher the KEI value the more popular the keywords are and the less emulation they have. So the better chance they can get into the top position.

The KEI is calculated as follows:
KEI = Search Result * Search Result / Total Competition Result

Keyword Research Tools


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