On Site SEO Factors

 Some other On page seo factors in seo basics tutorial as following are:
1. Domain Name Extension

.gov sites seem to be the highest  status
.edu sites seem to be given a  high status
.org sites seem to be given a high  status
.com sites excel in encompassing all the spam/ crud sites,
 resulting in the need for the highest scrutiny/ actionbyGoogle.
Perhaps one would do well with the new .info domain Top Level Domain – TLD

2. File size

Try not to exceed 100K page size (however, some issues, like this page, requires larger files).
Smaller files are better than 40K (lots of them).

3. Hyphens in the URL

The preferred method of providing a space where there can be no real space
One or two = excellent for separating keywords (ie SEO-basics, seo-basics)
Four or more = BAD, starts to look like spam.

4. Freshness pages

Google changes its contents are already on the day, the search engine are already important.
Newer the best - if news, retail or auction!
If the news of daily events, or to represent the site you should remember well that the daily updates of new events on your site, you must otherwise the search engine, which refuses websites. So the daily update of new information, much is required rank.

Google likes fresh pages. So do I.
Freshness - Amount of change in content
New pages - the ratio of old pages to new pages

5. Fresh Links

Calculated by the freshness of a link to almost google. So, links that will give you fresh content fress updation, and because the freshness of a link is going to be a very important roll in the upper part of the web site investment. So we should communicate that the freshness of our links to the important things passively.

6. Site Age

Google patent - Old is the best. Old is gold.
Well, in the Age of description of the site must have the spirit of keeping this site public to play an important role in the ranking in search engines. Because if your site is older you get first ranking in Search Engine Land.

7. URL Length

Keep minimized - use somewhat less than the 2,000 characters allowed by IE - less than 100 is good, less is better
Site Size - Google likes big sites.
Larger sites are presumed to be better funded, better organized, better constructed, and therefore better sites. Google loves large sites, for v various reasons, not all positive. This led to the emergence of machine generated spam sites 10000 pages - Size for size reasons. Google has its way and dumped millions of pages, or put them back.