What is Purpose and Importance of SEO?

  • Search Engine Optimization helps site owners meet their various online marketing objectives such as generating leads, sales or simply building awareness.
  • The main purpose of search engine optimization is to increase the traffic generated by a website. Websites are designed to be viewed by users and search engines can help achieve this goal.
  • Search Engine power should not be underestimated. It is one of the building blocks of the foundation of the Internet.
  • Search engine optimization aims to achieve the goal of getting more visitors to a website by helping it get higher rankings in the search engines. This simply means that search engine optimization's goal is to make a website appear on the first pages, if not the first page of a search done through the search engine.
  • A survey showed that 90% of all Internet users employ search engines to aid them in their Internet-related activities. Google, the dominant player in the search engine industry, generates 70% of all search-related Internet activity.

Functionality of SEO in Seo Basics Tutorial.

Variables that have been thought to affect ranks positively in the past.

• Keywords in the domain name
• Bolding keywords, e.g. (<b>wooden boats</b>)
• Using keywords in heading tags, e.g. (<H4>Electricalebook</H4>)
• Keywords closest to the top of the page.
• Keywords in the description tag.
• Keywords in the keywords tag.
• Keywords in the names of linked pages and in the linked words, e.g. (<a href="seobasicstutorial.blogspot.com"> Seo Basics Tutorial</a>)
• Keywords in alt tags.
• Keywords as names of images, e.g. (<img src="seobasicstutorial.gif “ alt=" seobasicstutorial ">).
• Getting listings in Pay-Per-Click search engines like Google Adwords or Overture.