What is Header Optimization?

Header Tags:

HTML headings are defined in h1 to h6 tags. Never confuse with header tags, the header tags related only with BODY section of your webpage. Webpage header tags are webpage body sections of text and describe the overall content and meaning of webpage content. Header tags are typically created using syntax tags in HTML. Header tags are play a key role in on page optimization process and header tags reflects the whole webpage meaning. At the time of writing a H1 header tag use Primary keywords which reflects what the page contains.

Header tags contain 6 types of HTML tags:

H1 Header Tag

In this HTML header tag H1 Header Tag is used as the main heading of webpage and search engines gives the more priority to main header tags (H1) than other header tags.

H2 Header Tag

H2 Header Tag is generally used for sub heading in the Html Pages. This H 2 Header tag is the 2nd most important keyword in the HTML page and this H2 header tag gets the importance from the search engines than remaining (H3 Header Tags, H4 Header Tags, H5 Header Tags, H6 Header Tags) Header Tags. By using this Header Tags you can increase the keyword density in the Html Pages.

Header Tags SEO Basics Tips:
  • If you're working on html editing program such as Dreamweaver, You can use H1 Header Tags for highlighting the Primary Keywords.
  • Mention your main keyword at the top left side of the web page.
  • Title /heading of the page should be mentioned in H1 tag, the length of title should be limited to 60-80 characters. The standard usage of H1 tag is 3 times for the home page and once in the inner pages.